Mammoth Straw Story

Our story begins with forests full of reed trees which are deep inside the western area of the Mekong Delta region in South of Viet Nam. The place where the peaceful and honest farmers live in harmony with the beautiful nature. Feeling the pure countryside soul,Vietnamese farmers with their skillful hands, have created an organic product that is completely natural, and not harmful to the surrounding environment – Straws made of reed and bamboo trees which can be reused many times. And in the global effort to stop plastic, Mammoth Straw has chosen to work with these farmers to bring to the world a straw made from our pure materials of reed and bamboo. We believe with every step we go with nature we get more than what we are seeking.

Save the planet

“The rest of the living world can get along without us, but we can’t get along without them”

-Sylvia A. Earle-

Protect this beautiful planet today by choosing organic products, pure nature. Saving the earth is saving ourselves, together we change the world.

Choose organic – Choose Mammoth Straw

Good for nature – Good for you

100% Organic

Mammoth Straw is produced from natural reed and bamboo, and free from any chemical and heavy metal that could be harmful to customer’shealth

Food Safe

Mammoth Straw is strictly followed the process of cleaning, and drying continuously at high temperatures, so straws are completely steriled, mold-free, and safe for consumers’ health

Reduce Plastic Pollution

A plastic straw needs 200 years to disintegrate. Using straws made of reed or bamboo to replace plastic straw contributes to reduce the accumulation of plastic products into the environment

Choose organic – Choose Mammoth Straw

Resistant to moisture

Unlike other straws, the Mammoth Straw can be used in water and liquid environments for long periods of time without being dissolved

Heat / Cold resistant

With the natural property of cellulose fibers, the Mammoth Straw can be used in hot and cold beverage without being expanded or cracked


Reed, and bamboo are natural resources but quite durable so the Mammoth Straw can be cleaned and reused many times to save costs

Use Mammoth Straw

Choosing us means you are lending a hand along with people around the world to protect the earth and choosing to protect your family and loved ones. Not only that, you also help create jobs for thousands of Vietnamese farmers!

Reuse Mammoth Straw

Each of the Mammoth Strawcan be used many times with proper care. Here is how to clean and store your straw to make it more durable.
After each use, wash it with soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Once a month, wash it using warm salt water or mild vinegar/baking soda solution and dry it naturally under the sun or using dryer mode in a dishwasher. Use the straw brush if needed. Put it back its pouch to keep it clean. Be aware that the straw is darker when soaked in water, but will return to its natural color when dried.

When the straw has signs of falling color or be broken, returning it to nature. Please rest assured that Mammoth Strawcan decompose in a natural environment

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